Zichen Wang

I am Zichen, an incoming Ph.D. student at the University of Michigan. I am very fortunate to be advised by Prof. JJ Park to work on the intersections of Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, and generative models.

Prior to that, I obtained my Bachelor degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science at Cornell University, where I worked with Prof. Steve Marschner on differentiable rendering.

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Here are some of my past research projects.

A New Algorithm for Differentiable Rendering
Zichen Wang, Xi Deng, Steve Marschner
Ongoing work

Accurate Differential Operators for Neural Fields
Aditya Chetan, Guandao Yang, Zichen Wang, Steve Marschner, Bharath Hariharan
arXiv preprint


Revisiting Garg's 2-Approximation Algorithm for the k-MST Problem in Graphs
Emmett Breen, Renee Mirka, Zichen Wang, David P. Williamson
* Authors listed in alphabetical order
Symposium on Simplicity in Algorithms (SOSA), 2023

[Paper] [Slides] [arXiv]

Four-periodic infinite staircases for four-dimensional polydisks
Caden Farley, Tara Holm, Nicki Magill, Jemma Schroder, Zichen Wang, Morgan Weiler, Elizaveta Zabelina
* Authors listed in alphabetical order
Joint Math Meeting, 2023; Involve, A Journal Of Mathematics, 2023

[arXiv] [Code]

On 2-digit and 3-digit Kaprekar's Routine
Zichen Wang, Wei Lu



Here are some of my course projects.

Artisitic Gaussians with CLIP
Zichen Wang, Aditya Kompella, Akhilesh Sharma, Daniel Cao
CS6670 Final Project


SimSDF: Physically-Based Simulation with Signed Distance Field
Zichen Wang, Xilai Dai, Barry Lyu
CS5643 Final Project

[Code] [Video]

Make It Move: Image-to-Video Meme Generation
Fengyu Li, Yolanda Wang, Zichen Wang
CS4701 Final Project

[Report] [Video]

Design and source code from Jon Barron's website.